Regional Geology

  • Located in the San Dimas mining district in Mexico's epithermal silver belt.
  • 7 veins identified so far, plus high grade stockwork zone.
  • Major veins, are the La Cruz, La Tuna, Providencia, El Muerto, Descubridora, San Nicolas, and Guadalupe veins.
  • Structures together have nearly 5,000m of strike length with average widths of about 3.5m.
  • Samples from the veins run up to, 1,100+ g/t Ag, 4 g/t Au, 9% Pb, 5 % Zn and 6% Cu.

Local Geology

  • Intermediate sulphidation epithermal deposit (Ag-Pb-ZnąCu-Au).
  • Hosted within a volcanic sequence of andesite fragmentals and flows of the Lower Volcanic Group.
  • Gavilanes has 3 adits, and old developments. Guadalupe adit has widths upto 6.5 meters (shown on picture below) and samples running up to 958 g/t Ag.
  • Mineralization is hosted by crustiform-banded quartz veins, quartz vein stockworks, and breccia veins.
  • Veins are oriented NNW and NW and dip moderately to the W-SW. Veins pinch and swell, varying from < 3cm to 14m wide and averaging 3.5m.

The resource estimation was completed by Gary Giroux, P.Eng. of Giroux Consultants and utilized a geological model completed by Hans Smit, P.Geo and Fletcher Bourke, P.Geo. The geological model has six domains; Guadalupe vein (GP), GP envelope, Descubridora vein (DS), DS envelope, San Nicloas (SN) envelope and Stockwork Zone. Assays for each vein, envelope and stockwork zone were examined and a top cap was applied to each variable within each domain. Uniform 2.5 m composites were formed for the vein envelopes and stockwork zone while 0.5 m composites were formed for the two vein domains. Variography was completed for the GP vein, GP envelope and the Stockwork zone. Grades for all variables were interpolated into blocks 2.5 x 5 x 5 m using Ordinary Kriging. For blocks with multiple domains present, a weighted average was determined for the mineralized portion. A specific gravity was established for each domain based on 216 measurements of drill core. Estimated blocks were classified as Indicated or Inferred based on geologic and grade continuity.

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